VISORANTE, a stylish and elegant Italian wind that meets a fine architectural taste at the most beautiful point of the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus is different with its night, day, magnificent sunsets and sunrises.

A new magic is born at the most beautiful point of the Bosphorus with its magnificent flavours, stylish decoration, architecture and specially designed bar that fascinates you.

Visorante is ready to offer the best gastronomic experience of Istanbul with its privileged service concept, special wine selections and signature cocktails.

Visorante, which has completed all preparations to become the clearest representation of the Italian concept in Istanbul, offers the opportunity to experience the breezes of Italian culture accompanied by the Bosphorus Bridge, the indispensable stamp of Istanbul.

At Visorante, which offers a unique restaurant experience on the terrace floor of Ortaköy Crown Plaza Hotel at the most beautiful point of the Bosphorus, the flavours left on the palate by the flavours prepared with passion turn into a feast.